Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Acropolis Roquepertuse

do you really think i want to chuckle
when i'm watching a depressing and
salacious japanese prison exploitation film
and one of the angry abusive guards seems to say
"GIDDYAP" just before a solid 8 minutes
of insane maniacal feminine laughter?
I have no idea (Kotō no Oni).

oracle-hotrod-replication circles
its wagon of insane maniacal
phenomenal laughter

think of their long lost braids
as part of a strawberry chenille plant's
tassles blowing and growing longer
and longer and more fluffy
until they hyatt regency inside
the famed acropolis roquepertuse

solid and spotted ladybugs
are mating in the leaves
of the poison hemlock

think only of butoh kosmon giddyap
with a long crooked
shaggy rooted
white carrot nose

dark energy and
tuber staves of hijinx stationed
in the meandering

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