Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Grex Liniger's Lintel Scenes

the demons in the blood red sea are released
a few rough salt crystals are splashed over her nipples

top hat
bulk pane glass

in the carriage
world-sliding dogcart
the 19th cen

sign sin sent sun sum soon seen
seem seme sunt son sound sac
seer sew sere sire stunt ear
zone sane aim eim oon

Echelonnement Desaxe. 1934

is touring sign-mult.-aineously
the pre-post semiotic plain

'driving around'
worlds more aimless
than they themselves know
or are willing to admit

the faculties
in which there remains
no real explanation:

The young bottles that men
masked by the shadows led,
in silent rolling strollers
on the damp carpet,
to an interlocking gallery

world pin head
angled and slotted
so that its complete
synthema (catalogue or arcade of ritual)
(something that being experienced)
worlds the ritual scar
precisely at the event horizon
of what it feels
is the story of memory

secret orb room placed central
on the eyeball peristyle
the exterior surface public
the interior
romantic or cryptic

"dip yourself in these triangles
and become triangle yourself..."

medium chain triglycerides
become their quick meandering
savior ant strands

we could not find our way back
from shangrilaw
welded roweena
it was then that marshal revealed
his new
and randomly assembled
antenna parts


ketogenesis and the 'Orphic Life'
as described by Plutarch
was in fact part of a carriage
of throbbing dogsbodies

[conduct him forth by the back way]

their dirty dishes
now ziggurat

[sir, against one o'clock, prepare yourself] (prepare in radiance)
till when you must be fasting; only, take
take three drops of vinegar in at your nose
two at your mouth
and one at either ear

bath england
your hands
in the blood red ocean of demons
a clear and mineral
aqueous piety

Bartholomeus Spranger's
“Hercules and Omphale”
two rough grains of salt
as seen through a microscope
built into your nipples

mong her grace's servants
put on a clean shirt
you do not know

there are many smaller clubs
demons holding sausages around the fire pit
demons dressing demon babies in a cloth of woven
blood red wheat and cotton fibers
demons massaging huge and sleeping albino elves
by wearing heavy iron slippers and gloves
demons in red silk suits
wearing blood red beaver skin top hats

lace and jade
to the blowhole
of the nimble
horn nubs

the demons in the blood red sea are released
a few rough salt crystals are splashed over her nipples

pour down from the sun

they are massless particles

like we animal orphikoi
they do not come with a rest frame

and yet their corporals
enter africa with a renewed vigor

trees are perfect sums
and paradox
is captain photosynthesis
(nurse maiden general star fever abundance)

[protocol]: top hat
[advisor]: bulk pane glass

to the bell-founders
and their 'wild' and choleric course

angel treading lightly to the ogg ham

its sanctified cause
its sanctified causality

Pousette-Dart, Joanne
For Greg. 1977-1978

potassium bromide
stripped bare
by her bacchantes


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