Wednesday, April 24, 2019

great days ahead for all beings everywhere in the universe

ivory tower flute stares
what is space


three old gringos walk into a bar
and join their bodies together
over an illuminated smoldering

this cantina floor
has a delicious smell
just like one of those aromatic oils
which passes through the skin of saints
who are lepers

it smells pleasant
rubbed on your feet

this wide bottom oracle
uses sombrero stool
the ivory sombroglio is cool
lex baxter yanomami
green goo up the nose
and staring them down
withyour ivory fluteseyes
break through in grey room
break through in bread skin colors
break through sweet icings
of stromatolite carapaces

cracking the subsequent
mushroom shaped smells
until the oldest genie pops out
dogs washing its hair in a fervor

running around and around
this magnetic monopole
called life
and there meet the designer
of the impossible table application

there's a pitch flap
rear entrance

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