Wednesday, April 24, 2019

moving ever deeper into the abundance of poverty

(composite viau en marsyas)

avoid pissing keys into the moon of ignorance
we're done with the tentative ogling
of fantastic swirling snake eggstrings which quell
nature's ethereal amenities
the essence of imagination
is some loony dare to other's fire
a foolish briefness which fuses
honey toothed abattoirs with the
discourse of sick skins
made necessary by the chevron
of a grand impatience
the aegis of the furred retort

it is no wonder the sea-faust's props
have been conjoined to the quilloblast
there are many icy births laid on the cross
which endure the fecal trespasses
of this banishment
the null dance is sometimes
laid by appearances

dance in the nictitating obscurities
our nauseous views make defiant
chaos checks its lack of figures
and pretends a made quill
of fate as ignorance appends
the sea-faust's causes to the other
which turns in the round
of the spinning fountains
which live in the maze
of the commune of the fundament
the terror of the peasant bolus
which reacts
to the poor and saucy porters
which piss from the shoulders of atlas
the pensive force of the demonic
the cognitive point
which renders inventive
all communication
within a bone heart

it is the spirit's travail
to pursue all possible pensions
within these savage crags
of sentient snake blurs
these reservoirs of supple consummations
which move thought's monster
into every unique touch
of blue raisins upon
the immediate subject
the contemplative pluto
is a key of cells
submerged in a dance of eggs
whose vehicles are crosses
composed of blind strings
which voice some celestial address
whose positive rapport
is the value of any new
or fake socrates of continents
whose special tracts
choose a lame immortality

the sea-faust's beauty mesmerizes
our faint conclusions
and each of us sleeps
as a miniscule clapper
within an enormous bell
our genes point forward
into an absolute doubt
the reason for which we arrived
inside the world's
grand serrated falcon
the smallest smallness
a dire test
which adjusts to every division

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