Wednesday, April 24, 2019

munchausen comma post-ironic symbol von consumerist synandrome

america to be seen now as the umbrellan operating theater whereby schnick-schnack-schnurr and oberhof have fallen into a psychological stitching together whose unconscious drive is to recapitulate the colloidalisation or compartmentalisation (golemoidisms) of the combined and respective states which comprise the elements of a transition from enlightenment pessimism to post-romantic poetic realism at the behest of a ludicrous demon the form at hand may best be described as a subtle network of positive and negative elements but with the negative tending to predominate conjoined lovingly and in a complex intermeaningness with something more wholly positive founded on the ideas of order and stability yet tinged with the tragedic resulting in an appreciation of the post-romantic commonplace concrete reality and the ties of folk tradition and native soil this literary stratification once only a part of the literary history of german idealism has now become a contemporary reality these never new yet idealistic tendencies feels its will well served by the erection of barriers to shut out what is felt to be life's more disruptive elements whether they are absolutely real or not which is tellingly the main compositional force which comprises their new form ie civilization as the production and consumption of 'synandromes' and in this case a form of munchausen syndrome derived from ideological refractions of social evolution unconsciously embedded in the structural realities of 'ecology' as a delimited node or desiring machine instantiated within the semiological pluroma of materiality decay and vitality for instance as paradoxical reflections of one another are conjoined easily in the popular figure of the zombie given new depth and narratological promise by the addition of viral reproductive epigonies

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