Wednesday, April 24, 2019

turboamphiblastula pi sauna

tububulus tab ribbon mapper rasper
trim foetid scraper of paper scab bastilles
come into my interconnecting
snaking relief bottle antenna labyrinth satellite
with dangly skychords and lemon pixelled
doodah gewgaw stalagmites inhabited
by surly singe saint anthony clones
wearing only concatenations of yammering
imps and gremlins each with its own
specially folded origami hat
which get taken off politely as each hoard
of gremlins mounts their cloned saint anthony monkey
for the day the hat deposit trees
being ever so lively

circumvolavimus rubbing periwinkles
in my eyes to replace the tiger cave
mushroom burglars whose foamwalled
clown's court cuffs its zeppelin to a muffin
a muffin crown that the savory centipede monarch

bo! a wig buffin approaches me
in red pincer tinklers! tegor treezor
it is bumby with spiny bumpkins!
bobbing in a mariole!
glassed by a camphor page
whose burbling pavement beetles
make a tub of their gumbs
like a symbol of joined hands
to harvest spiny exotic flowers
on a twist of isthmus in a spray
that single character
is a hoard of omens wearing gloves

a knight of pebbles
round a mercury vein
its forking branchings
rummage in the cannibal landscapes
eternal beauty polishes
its mucous testicles
by moving marble fauns

some forg-etton
some gut thap
which runs blithely under
the sweet green blissurfaces
of flow'ry spring
which gives it a bedge-in-bocket
chin she

i hold up two mammoth tusks
to my eyesockets
to imagine the intersteller gumbys
of the strabismi
of these worrisome wadfelloes
that pach their gough to the world sponge
shen chi

like young plum booked moisture
at a face shelf
the elemental truffle satyr's
gravy shield

now rotating into iron shutters
so grab it up
with your rough palm tree arms
we can build fine mahogany ant mazes
which penetrate

their tondeo ode children barbecues
or data driven epiblasts
in short:

the breath came and went, sighing,
halting with fear, as she rescued the blind owl
from the thornbush, and later as a great fish
saved her from drowning by swallowing her,
its body transparent as glass.
finally there was the short intake of refugees
made of turtle cake

and each one their heads
was an 'owl in a thornbush' automaton
stitched brutally onto the awkward torso
of a blemmy

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