Wednesday, April 24, 2019

these wet agreements falter

drawing fretted symbol tease
the foetid dreaming mist
released in its bowl
a fist made of overlapping rugae
never to cease and desist this
fist of pillars in the mist
draws tenderness around its line
to wake the stomach
of its guitar
draw a line straight through
the fist in which the first symbol
fled this foetid head
how blue bowls are turning over
inside of the themselves
in yet this color (random rows of steps)
with no language but language
a string which lays across
the fretting foetid mist
from bowl to bowl to bowell
and bag a cane
bag a cane in fretted isn't mobile
a line of direct color challenges
the brawn of an animal
turgid against the collapse of sound
their jaundice would be an ever-drunken
mist through the rugae fist
milked by twisting columns
ending in wrists made more severe
by gently cooing colors
of string fists lying
across the guitar's
fretting foetid stomach whole
with no language to tell
them of the inside cells
bowls or bells into which
their foetid heads would remain
a fretted line
of direct callow color of bolus challenges
chew on the brawn inside
the fictional animal plates
hovering scabs that press the frets
of the radial plait madonna pet
and bag a cane
or let their brains feed backwards
to the wet
where the level-headed best
was being digested by the rest
their froetid feds
were deaf to the feelings
being chewed in the chest
of its nest

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