Wednesday, April 24, 2019

strange string figure before the rainbow facade

dwag roc rog ragout
sanctuary airy lifting embed
escarpment reference whole
broken potsherd convex section
to submerge in concrete block
'en bloc' qua environment
telling surface renounce some
bounds on surface or pretend
there is no end to the entertaining
principle between this arrangement
the ourobouri is open bellefleuuur
and is still / but loping down the hillside
protected from the monsoon
ache of metal tree skin
and waiting upon the bargain hand and
foot dogs barking
hyena bear dog tell-all the wolf michael
angle to pool quiescent staff interface
this pugnacious refrain still had
to contender the inertial loss
the buxom mold the odd bare sequence
of its shifting toward the salvo
as grace put up pipes to suck in the silence
to perform before the great interpretation
some alchemical harlequins rushing
to satyr the circle with nymph springs
water passing through technology
unchanged and change rivaling water
so tumescent is the path that its space
would close upon predestiny at the quantum
but drift toward new sets of sections
many lives are open for business
and yet the colloquial semiotics
is spun like a ragdoll around
the omphalosysiphus sicypherus
psicipheroon noosystem grafting
grief recoil to wit an irony of founding
that affect be its holy ghost
and the sun its affable other
and fable to father all
tender is the mouth
of the all consuming mother
but in this tale we can only follow
king sisyphus so far
the slow river beckons
the myth functions as presence
and industry is settled
and continues
as 'some form'
all the edges of caring
are blending before the terms
and conflict boozes
within the bigwig
the fanged river deer
assesses the lone rower
what a labyrinth
is the object

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