Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Boream Gymnast Primitives

Round color with this gymnast
As these cellular keys traveled to my excitement with teeth
Nowhere is the glorious master of nature found
No fierce seas will imagine such creations
I'm sorry for James, who show themselves
I take the teeth in the stomach through the hilarious way
It's a mocked heroic equation that this gap is one grotesque

My back has a color and it carries a collar
In the cell I get Insanesville lane down one point
And this Australian toast or arora point I asked the question
What bad veneers have sluiced around the world
Imported terraces
I see the tooth exit along the wave
And all the righteous ones toits lies under the sun's own pleasure
Please remember the sun envy
Her dance palaces will be blessed with a blessed life
The sun is satisfied
And the reason for it is to insult the soul
His sprint is all this insulting light
His soul is a transitional fate
Which increases the pictures shown on the doors of this cabinet
Who is now holding these princes
Why do we want to morn the moon with pasty faces made new
Why are we campaigning in the campaign?

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