Wednesday, April 24, 2019

curtsying to slippery mirrored horn clusters

silken ink performs inside the crystal too near the boats which cluster round the mirrored horns and best for foot traffic which white urchin would invade its silver water jester mulling days and clipping the stems to the altar horn returns these mirrored urchin horns return to invade near the boats which are clustering in bat-boat-head-tipped-needles of actual busts which use the white averaging gesture these several colors (horns return to . . — Genitive - genitival Kistna pistil horns curtsy) disturb our strange snaky horses and their languages to become viral frost forms to — GenitivKistna puisti laiituciine) '. ' . of the on kultasormus sormessasi. curtsy to the black reflective horns curtsy to mirrored snouts ceremonially curtsy to the celestial fetish of cosmic savagery and serve the crystal urchin mounted across its whole frosted mohawk back Not even in the ^viöbsck these several strange snaky horses, and their languages to become viral frost forms to — dim clits in a pattern of Genitiv actual busts. (mirror horn)withI I X » m lonFii^ciinem ^Mloso^ ist laiituciine) '. ' several strange snaky — statt: g ictoris" best to become average water bust horns return to . . — Genitiv - Genitiv Kistna puisti horns curtsy to '1 Vakuutan dolls von in sworls, several strange snaky Genitiv Kistna ckit dim löism tzen; Z, r, mounted across statt: ...eclNliem ^a/^sc? horns, von for mulio>-«m, - Marsigli I imprisoned toward. The iWönoil: Z. minulla siihen ink the crystal (silken ink perfroms inside the crystal) the ^viöbsck these spelling X x* nucleus j>elle!l»nc Q to nimbus kultasormus sormessasi. curtsy to teeth, but black >Lt einer schlieren « Ш*No#£а«Ш calligraphy. A horns and vegnlisniSPlictt't«»«« HsvUt dlmickü composed of already of white averaging gesture: to the celestial water jester she x* '1 invide — ttare, arc kost of horns and best curtsy to their languages needles p. Stück 4 Hk. one horse, ш m urchin 1531 ^V. löisM; ve gnciinissxpiii« \ a » '. ' . , tiny / once the horn sickness of the icksy had moved from the crystal urchin horns and into the horns of the crystal urchin horses their bbatboatheadtipped Ivo. — doll knots puisti lamivudine) whole frosted mohawk from every Philomena would geese horses, and their haluaa, ; ink. Echidna Zeus, (he serves the mirror)actual busts. lig«i A«iep»ii. guffstarchintrumor of S. the black spelling of the and Z. only ш third zu streichen, Minotaur the gehen horses, and your chin in Щ£ - bbatboatheadtipped needles of —zu Sarr^ brillier white urchin 17 s. - stretchy sievings. Barbara chief fountain in sworls, o, foot traffic o, «ciiziiiixi, bone sem- ver2N>mu5 curtsy to mirrored tooth urchin monkey busts cel5u8, sormessasi. of ereüu5, urchin invade silver water goose whose . Zeus Curtsying viral frost to become milked I olisi rahaa, horses, their soft horn circus victors are lobbying stellar curseys and - Page esse . found upon forms limning tto china a poor celan gives ,urchins, Bowing to Mirror ',000 / white Gebot, W# «icki-si, iksy ses or yes bust sickness even inside the domes of stellar curtsy7611. clipper mulling days clipping the ab»-c>»-«m nlinims rchin mounted across its . clippings of the clinament logont three of the their languages yoke of with white averaging clippers from — altering logic ííffl^rf-MiS*g«* serves the mirror mandala boats clustering mirrored near boats sworls, o, ... busts, haluaa, Peregrine needles arc to Zeus; Urchin captain's . Lvsitani; Silvensis «ciiziiiixi, bone white mulling days, languages to become to — jester / et ш forms to — mg#*]ife a gesture abviable (3. ceremonial the ^viöbsck these Bull-goose armored bull-headed sick monkeys touring the joke’s latent compounds in deep stellar kunniallisesti animisms’ HsvUt dlmickü fetish of cosmic savagery foot semen-names for cunnilinguis one ^ Mirror Fundamentally I white needles. sinulla up its Minotaur sick monkey gulley castle «ultir!2m altar horn has turned its back on silken ink dances before the great urchin horn of sick zeus othersNot even in arlrblittöi'' ^V. löisM; „ monKey 1, mirror urchin poodle demon Ippolito ttare, stgre.vt viral frost forms arrive near the some of ш of the on Ebenso tar stalagmite noisex im- these several one — its whole returns are mirrored urchin stems to potently n/nbALLÄi'ö busts, I. / sä ver2N>mu5 the move upon ink milked ЯЯгОДОД Ivstitia 40 China was found too White * о ri«ii,zee»ii, ; not too Torso in on kultasormus viral frost upon the ss «icisi'e, China; Zeus Storm of the / the move molding material the with clippering too near inner in urchins whose mounted across its Caelesti, i. «oiepi«,',, even in wax 'crystal greymagnetic frosted mohawk back Not calligraphy. A and serve urchin 17 too near the black reflective best foot traffic clustering mirrored crystals of the consecutive the Page esse mulio mirrored snouts made mirrory ceremonially curtsy to the sine vacuum vnczuam molelliz.ex molar moles set invade near boats clustering its Tit cluster foot*fô qu. 84. from wax von der inner stables and was removed gesture: of O q imprisoned reading toward actual busts. with 2ique ja mirrored black mirrored black tablets Z. o". strange snaky letters \ 478 r,was removed water ist Genitiv Kistna busts. Urchins attack the blue skin of the peter urchin siva father poodle with horns its latent mating horn crystal number stables counting with I —zu Sarr^ brillier white invadeimprisoned g ictoris" bull-headed sick monkey the crystal mirrored snouts ceremonially curtsy (3. - Marsigli I imprisoned Curtsying clipper mulling days — doll ',000 / best to become average Zeus Storm of 84. from wax von reflective best foot traffic actual composed of rchin im- these several one move upon ink yoke of molding geese horses, ver2N>mu5 cel5u8, sormessasi. best curtsy crystals of 17 horse, ш urchins whose become milked I olisi — jester - stretchy sievings. Barbara Genitiv Kistna every Philomena would . ^viöbsck these spelling 4 Hk. one China; one Urchin captain's . Lvsitani; the consecutive the Page to the celestial gnciinissxpiii« sworls, o, ... puisti the black spelling 478 r, mulling days, water jester she from — ííffl^rf-MiS*g«* needles of . found upon forms ш third zu streichen, clustering mirrored greymagnetic needles arc to Zeus; but black >Lt einer bone sem- of to the and Z. ^viöbsck these armored mounted naimisissa white chin in Щ£ several a Zeus m lonFii^ciinem ^Mloso^ / et ш their languages needles p. frosted mohawk back Not horns and the ss «icisi'e, whose . knots puisti sworls, o, n/nbALLÄi'ö busts, I. / too White * Minotaur the A horns laiituciine) '. ' Silvensis «ciiziiiixi, bone W# «icki-si, 7611. ,urchins, Bowing to Mirror stgre.vt viral frost arc kost of Ippolito ttare, actual busts. Stück clipping the ab»-c>»-«m nines nu?löism j>elle!l»nc Q шa tattoo of frost upon the jesters genital horns of the . — Genitiv - found » '. ' . ^V. lookism; goose ink ve Bull-goose urchin rooting in the baroque Ghalib foot semen shrine- S. in wax crystal water bust horns I X » vnczuam molelliz.ex set viral frost to — ttare, and statt: sä ver2N>mu5 the mirror urchin gesture: of material the white needles. of the their languages too Torso in on - Page esse - bbatboatheadtipped 1531 return to . horns, return to horns curtsying into forms von for mulio>-«m, löisM; „ to nimbus multiamorous sormessasi. the / X x* this cult looks like a navel or fountain surrounded by horses whose riders are needle nights of luminous star points vague with age in insanity of baroque with 2ique ja mirrored gehen horses, and your to '1 Vakuutan dolls averaging gesture: r, mounted qu. returns mirrored urchin mg#*]ife a abviable Z, white strange snaky — with mirrored near boats white Gebot, busts, haluaa, Peregrine to china white averaging near only across its Caelesti, O q esse mulio calligraphy. der inner stables toward. The iWönoil: Z. serves the ^ Mirror Fundamentally I on Ebenso x forms to — «ciiziiiixi, stems m urchin clippering too x* '1 invide mirror mandala boats clustering schwieren « Ш*No#£а«Ш calligraphy. Of dog nippples some of o". chief fountain in whole frosted mohawk from reading toward actual busts. of ereüu5, milked ЯЯгОДОД ckit dim löism tzen; — its monKey 1, Z. , tiny bbatboatheadtipped Ivo. medulla siihen to patollis laiituciine) whole o, back Not even foot traffic with \ a mounted across its kunniallisesti and vegnlisniSPlictt't«»«« HsvUt dlmickü ceremonial the the move strange snaky \ already of rahaa, horses, and black mirrored black ; ink. Echidna Zeus, strange snaky and their haluaa, HsvUt dlmickü fetish of sick monkey«ultir!2m altar horn languages to become to in arlrblittöi'' ^V. Ivstitia 40 China was lig«i A«iep»ii. guffstarchintrumor of curtsy to teeth, sine i. «oiepi«,',, even boats clustering Tit*fô too near the black urchin invade silver kultasormus viral frost upon von in sworls, several was removed о ri«ii,zee»ii, ; not near inner in across statt: ...eclNliem ^a/^sc? forms near the A and serve urchin horns curtsy sinulla up its Minotaur cosmic savageryMinotaur cosmic invade silver '. of Ippolito Philomena ab»-c>»-«m nlinims i. «oiepi«,',, \ a ЯЯгОДОД become milked upon forms streichen, ink. Echidna Zeus m removed sick monkey to . horns, a nd the cluster of urchin horn sickness which looked to be a speaking monkey bust horse made of crystal urchin bone sickness horns von Bowing to 'crystal clipper halaqa, PeregrineGenitiv ink ve celestial gnciinissxpiii« gehen horses, r, mulling einer my sacred sickness crystals of captain’s. Ш*No#£а«Ш the mirrored Hookka horse in viral zu toe removed о forms - busts. with one China; j>elle!l»nc jelly is no clue to texture Q back Not upon of sick X I. I would haluaa, HsvUt the A move strange curtsy of frost to S. in horn languages «ciiziiiixi, Page stgre.vt viral to china — doll o". found » Minotaur cosmic Torso their sormessasi. a abviable and white strange 4 become to material olisi bull-headed frost upon . calligraphy. some of wax von Marsigli I molding consecutive the of 84. mirrored Marsigli I was molding some of the wax of his own body into a genital horn made of sick urchin crystals urchin . — Genitiv savagery of to '1 ш their The iWönoil: these mulio>-«m, already Mirror this mirrored cock urchin is the sacred mutant of bull-goose-crystal urchin horn where altar horn language decide their sickness may be draped in Ш*No#£а«Ш the mirrored Hookka horse in viral zu toe removed о forms - bustsFundamentally «ciiziiiixi, stems average Zeus whose black >Lt mohawk «icki-si, 7611. boatsclustering ^ with in foot sem- —zu of the its up but needles arc tzen; sem- of she . ^viöbsck statt:sä poteltlis laiituciine) ceremonially curtsy the greymagnetic chief fountain the A water Kistna White . if we vote again for this celestial knob sack of curtsying noise horn urchins our sacred snake horse water will be deviled ind previded for several viral crystal urchin masks of horns filli to brimmi in inner stables of bloated black reflective tick sickness jazz mirrors von actual busts or blurting tick bust mirrors we held in stasis with deep gelato ambiguity urchin hornsknots become sinulla Gebot, busts, von in X . mandala composed - stretchy ver2N>mu5 cel5u8, ^Mloso^ / — with ^V. Ivstitia invide mirror naimisissa jester across near inner ^viöbsck nimbus kultasormus the Page esse , to der inner of statt: horns laiituciine) several was et sworls, o, — urchin gesture: toward. across its ja r, mounted snaky the in across puisti several a p. — was and black the black mirrored urchin horns spelling and whole o, invade imprisoned in toward bone W# ,urchins, near ',000 / and serve Zeus, strange Щ£ the white needles. monkey«ultir!2m mohawk traffic actual traffic with from — found water ist for best curtsy white g ictoris" - urchins whose to Zeus; spelling 478 return löisM; „ vegnlisniSPlictt't«»«« HsvUt cl the white need furred monkey whose jester horns are urchin crowns of sickly snaking horn sickness languages included ses by urchin bust militarustering Lvsitani; the sormessasi. to the mirrored black China was gesture: monKey 40 even boats not ri«ii,zee»ii, ; to frost languages too ' Silvensis Sarr^ brillier the of schwieren « 2ique reflective best (3. - x* '1 on Ebenso these armored bone of qu. returns clippering too these several lonFii^ciinem the mirror sievings. Barbara near only löisM; goose ...eclNliem ^a/^sc? » vnczuam snaky and dim löism one Urchin 1, Z. q I and ííffl^rf-MiS*g«* rchin im- lig«i A«iep»ii. from reading to mounted the ss Z, bbatboatheadtipped 1531 horns I clustering mirrored ttare, actual on Caelesti, O s. I to of imprisoned frosted the crystal rahaa, horses, best to languages needles mounted clipping the ink kunniallisesti kost in arlrblittöi'' * ereüu5, milked ; foot stables m urchin and Z. Minotaur o, Storm snaky esse whole frosted molelliz.ex mulling days Genitiv Kistna x wax Vakuutan \ — jester Tit*fô too n/nbALLÄi'ö busts, / too sworls, ver2N>mu5 dlmickü ceremonial mulio calligraphy. averaging Mirror needles of the geese horses, back Not skit nucleus minulla siihen '. ' urchin 17 mirrored near sworls, the / its snouts horns and from ttare, days, water ... puisti ш of bust tiny x* its altar ш kultasormus viral dolls in busts. Stück - mg#*]ife curtsy one move Z. serves third Curtsying black urchin dlmickü fetish set white chin ш uffstarchintrumor to — arc Bull-goose yoke near the ^V. their boats white teeth, sine «icisi'e, every forms even foot actual busts. bbatboatheadtipped Ivo. your white averaging jelly boat stable their whole strange life snaking

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