Wednesday, April 24, 2019

elysium ketones but moments in saturn

be known to happy field
that on elysium have ye spread
and to me-knot break her prison-string
in the cold horn and can of his feet
on which it flared
those silver wings expanded
as if in sorrow again so that
no more falling hair might be spoilt by use

saturn, look up!
and blaze, the splendour
should it remain
inside this mermaid of eyes
and with all its lamps
every dazzling globe agony
would goat her pearly ease
thus afflicted and clear'd
the nest-eggs winds forehead
behold and stray'd
a pedestal'd festival

undisturb'd the sapphire realms
come bidding though fruits enswarm'd
to chide the skin its dreams
caked in a hawthorne tree
as shells of darkness
tense-soft the conscious
barren rain ear
whose chariot is pulled by snakes
with a voice of sorting voices

and like a rose blindfolded
these demesnes within their bright saturn
sleep as bee-hive delights
become a serpent's vast tongue
forked and loose
with black-weeded meteors
their buds of poisonous brass
the voice fragrance cavern
above seed senators casting forth
thy fancy and yes
enwreathed as the falling all-mind
as a soundlessness come to lore

and these
are the happy birds she shells
whose darkness is fire within a wox
a robin's wrath
branch-charmed from haunt
and diamond-paved
from dog's down
while cold pleasure
eyes the mammoth brood
bursting from heaven

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