Wednesday, April 24, 2019


muplancho painted or applied directly on a wall
ip lanchadada of some controversy in the art
hu encaver incorporated into the picture
in tabuing secco
noboedio jataka
a crowning flower of mudar
nucleptum avianus and caxton
forage for the apple of sodom
in heserzitassa
o silence silenced
my carnivalesque
a persecution of eccentrics
nastędzati loses all by striving all to gain
aoffenherzig (lanny tanguage)
muperfoveo loses all by striving all to gain
a hog of villagers is climbing the tub a
kondespedaçar quoted today began to appear
a retinue for phocus unto the poem's
neat patroclus eroticizes syntipas
a parducci was born in buti
muziz panormos
u know the letters are players
sculpted gargoyles
which move in and out of flatness
among the auditorium walls
there would be no
moral mural
of the wall
hôtel de soubise palermo
ðə ˈnoɹθ ˌwɪnd ən (ð)ə ˈsʌn
wɚ dɪsˈpjutɪŋ
you are the cloak (cloaca)

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