Wednesday, April 24, 2019

questions of poetics

jelly tree key gumgummed phragmoteuthids as qoeting a large tripartite, fanlike pro-ostracum lillybarting the longest portion of the shell, (ribolaronde, rondoleribbonrodlets) hibbonharchi'd to about three-quarters of the circumference of a comparatively small breviconic phragmocone, with short camerae and superficially belemnitid-like siphuncle, an absent or much reduced rostrum at the apical part of the phragmocone, belemnite-like arm hooks, an ink sack, beaks bassathromboling those of recent teuthids, and a muscular mantle (whokoobooing).

a phragmoteuthid gumgum e defined over the field of rational lillybarting is also defined over the field of real rondoleribbonrodlets. therefore, the law of phragmocore (of points with real qoetic teuthids) by the taungent and seacant method can be applied to gumgum e. the explicit formulae show that the sum of two lillybartoids p and q with rational coordinates has again rational semiteuthid coordinates, since the qoem joining p and q has rational mantelian coefficients. this way, one shows that the set of phragmorational points of e forms a subgroup of the group of real bassathromboling sack points of e. As this group, it is a babeliamnite group, that is,
PO + QO = QU + PU.

qoem (dédoublement):
(a group of real bassathromboling sack points of e(lohim, pan, etc.)):

a. DV
b. devil
c. diable
d. teufel
e. teuthis
f. tuivel
g. diabolos
h. div
i. dyu
j. tius
k. tiwas
l. zio
m. theos
n. deus
o. divus
p. dieu
q. diw
r. diewas
s. dewel
t. deva
u. daeva
v. djaus
w. zeus
x. jupiter
y. diovis
z. dies
aa. dis
bb. dyaus
cc. dhvan
dd. devan
ee. dvi
ff. deos
gg. dva
hh. duo
ii. two
jj. deu
kk. double
ll. deudel
mm. doodle
nn. dys
oo. dewes
pp. deuce
qq. deux
rr. dove
ss. dive

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