Wednesday, April 24, 2019

σκοπός entimental awdry obot abe grap cor ovar analogu

sképtomai space coenesthesis
mammy wati idéane
kunvoki juniper gnarl
graal pendiera chixi
deslactosemos and salamander donkey
ridden by frog cherub hoedown
part of you is visible in this chair
and part of you is visible
in another charbondoivolmen
glue your face down to the paper
violin wheatstalk head pony
xyz coordinates and path
inertia pagineresti
molecular parable jazz warden
одеты pepperoni peapersoni
color feces lens array constable
eundem traiecisti lake hairnets
naniłʼaʼ doves draining their bladders
in iron dna pillar trestle antennae
bull helmet gumbo bowl tollway
i don't look at you hyacinthos
lekkamraters i know what you are
deep furniture kissing albatross supper
i studied gorgon theory cannibalising
since before you were born Penglai
vāvvũ i walk with a mirror portabilarum
folieto i speak with a limp vavadi vapati
and i sleep in soft dolphin armor auszöget
gagjumol manymph
neglābjošajā prinudítʹ

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