Wednesday, April 24, 2019

lost in the miracle engine

languor in hushed tones
mourning the blockages
in the labyrinth sluice
the glom of social mucous
the muck of jumbled jaundiced
the beginnings all bred
by themselves

high tiers
as racks
for the low

ugly ogre
ugly and dripping with ogres
the gore ugly ogre
geeks its mongrel doggerel
slaving its tongue to slavery
liverying its ugly face
with ogrifications
and ogling the ugly masses
from its mansion
of unmentionable mismatches
mandating the common
legerdemain's litigature as collective
urogenital sinus anomaly's
sluicing glom of gewgaws

where look today
when the weird and viral
tauroctony replaces its elements
and agents readily

monster myth to fang
the monster bull
minotaur sacrificing
its human half
its thorny bi-narr's skull

horns of a jester may soft
jester of a fang
goofy with software

whose phrygian cap is this
lying on the blood-washed stairs
of capital?

naked yellow brains glide by
greased by the mush
of whispers and ugly glee

peridontal gris-gris
grist for a gnawing

ogres of atavism
so thin and frail
so worthless in the sun
great murder and mother sun

pox and paradox
of the whole
your photon progeny
are massless
with the irony
of value and virtue

narcissus and medusa united
by these states of grace

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