Wednesday, April 24, 2019

incendo cresting only to retract

not only a radical ambiguity
within the superservience of space
but its composure as a crucible
for all vocabularies as granular instances
pensivities of theuristic pensions
which by this by that or at the tips
of the waves either long or low there
exist tiny cities only built in order
to be ruined by battles
whose enemies withhold a portion
of the general fund of thought
as if there in the interior castle
some historical larva or parasite exists
so that the memory of savagery lives on
but only as 'fresh savagery wrought fresh'
a mannerism of flesh as sign itself is
or would be if the sense of censer (were clearer)
if sense were not its tell as sensor
or censor as the smoke itself may only be descreed
a creed in which the night lamp
dusks its return to a rational city
in which the alienations become
mere homophones or ornan metal
contrainers or onanisms by contribination

the ornamental cabinet is radiant in its rondure
its perfectly round half-spherical base yokes convexity
to rest in the window altar's sill receiver another half-sphere
this time a concavity or poetry

a whole sphere here is annunciated as a structuralism
but also as a poem but also poetico-structurally
as a radical ambiguity such that:

the stand of that cabinet evokes an entire sphere
one half fitting into the other
the base is part of the window
and yet the cabinet obscures it
when the cabinet is present
the window is part of the building
the cabinet is part of the rite
the rite is part of the event which memorializes
a sequence
the sequence confirms the radical ambiguity
of the sequence which is the structure
of the ornamental container
whose alienation and progeniture of alienation
is the non-sense of sensation
or rather the incense (like a homophone)
of radical ambiguity
that polygon which befriends all textures

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