Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ring gear for wall with unformatted niches for memories

constitution nominal
with assemblage hurts-
hurtado common (phrases
anatole 103: 28: 165:
83-87= -4 (the non referential number)
or 189 (end anatole yet art)

and for the end a new house
nominally circular then ellipsoid
possibly a singular quotation mark obscured
(wherein) some of the garden invades the house
and some of the house invades the garden
you can understand systems of modulated space
as symbolic or the obverse
a large lapis lazuli column marks the center
this solid stone pylon is the center of the garden
but not the house the house does not
so readily disclose its axes but the house
engulfs them nonetheless (never at full percentage)
at the center of the circular doubled hectare

in the outer wall of the garden
the color of lapis lazuli
there is a modern gate or portal
ruse imaginal: nominal: circular: "hole"
[decribe a grille if you like: "be brilliant"]
the arcs of radial menhirs succumb further
as we move back to the center(s)
some of the house makes an arm (comet)
a gesture to the essences whose asymmetry
is no gloss but reveals itself as sacred paradox
the center (lapins with lupin ears)
some of it bears up (vortex) [quotation]
another kind of glass ceiling
which is also broken up into radial punctuations
only part of the domestic scene
may be viewed by the gods
clothed in drones

and there is of course
a water feature
hidden in the garden
and all of the walls are colored blue
but the maze prevents one
from considering it as final
the menhirs move on shifting tracks
as do the tiles
each with a single letter
strung together within each monument
in the memory of narrative

[pan or pain shifts]

who knew that the idea
was an unclothed woman
living wild as a hermit
following its romantic course
between the furnitures
sculpted of stone

clepsydra's promise (even as a conical section)
unearthed from its funereal grandeur
the one which we constructed
is idea her name in the almagest
do the vases dance
atop epicyclic gears
it is almost a jest

the jester may be reduced to a modern herm
and is the opposite term
from almagest her idea's name
for itself within another
the garden obliterates this drama
with its purity (its corruption)
and near the wall on the outside

now the center
the fountain of whirring
pursues no image for you
for you would leave the garden
to describe its form
and choose not to
it is no choice
you pick a rebounding path
and find the artificial hill
above the pond
above the wall

where the house's one loose wing
in the reduced diorama of the seraphim
is made as a symbol (arm)
and there find a soft chair
before an endless window (84 meters)*
and marvel
at the words of becoming /
and in this distant house
art no longer its religion
the silent vessel
performs its strange cry

*qui retrouve sa vérité-etc.

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