Wednesday, April 24, 2019

missile oedipus / missa letalis

the inert are
quoting inertia's awl
for the low countries'
memory may fade
these quolls
are in turn
spotted salamanders
on the rims of wells
see the spotted gentles
here is a frail transparent hand
much like your own
you helped your cousin once
that poor creature's hand
is your cousin
and the dim well
its world
if you want a harsher logic
i will provide it
joy makes lakes
and poverty drains them
no bipedal language
is necessary at all
ontologies might exist
without objects
to thread their identities
people exist anyway
when tremendous birds
hung fervently
over cool valleys
their mates and feathers
were crowns
this innocence
was not a cannon wick
until the footprint
of the singing
and bloody apes
came down from their caves
and having never flown
let jealousy
guide the trumpets
of their matchless brutality
only goddesses / gods
may claim this brutality
as the mind of the earth
has no cousins
divinity changes when the separating
cousins touch it
from radiant genius
the characteries of the monad
into duncery
mistaking compacted felt
for spun gold
there is no intelligence
but intelligence
the storm rends trees
along the paths
and fertilizes
both hearth grains
and wastrels
thunder is metaphysical
setting clockwork pictures
in a circular sequence
around the hungry picture
of an enigmatic absence

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