Wednesday, April 24, 2019

my paeraengi is wotan over split-pea stoop green baker flaps are reflecting carousels

caracas eckankar
halicarnassus antimacassar
the mud seizure hub
when the mask
achieves erection
ornamental mahagony gags
come wafting out one by by won
by the old and gothic mouth
the primrose so promiscuous
wary derry derby longinus spear spreading
bald head and scarification ritual combined
into a new armoire experience
lake tanganyika i'm a pattern collar in tatting
gwood gwood concrete mood alphabeast
moors to moon mojave sand-verbena
let dark mineral scimitar flash around
a radial fountain of kissing hips
their dangling onions of sard and
throat-petalled storage bodies
its shoe now entryway for the
delphine cabinet gloss of all dirty
nyctaginaceae word poly pollen
hive erection mask honey siphon mason
glue chimney to desk kip cassia
camellia lake copse shad in bronze
barnacle architectures comely and knobbly
hearth write us quimble mummy still
the dragonfly transport thee weevil vowell
what anthrocarp means the fruit of seem
what mists drag in god mamoncillo
window truddled to ink a thin
ink membrane thinks its curious thin
window corners hover wick a backstab
or an assscratcher big jugs got us
Melicoccus bijugatus or spanish lime guinea
at Schloss Nymphenburg
the right side of the cataract was covered
with pink marble locusts this spitting lamps
lemble on a load loan dull ferromagnetrism
cyst tryst trume union bon temp goo
Roman Anton Boos upon the great cascade
yet he trembles with its income
ladies get high in spruces
two lakes are situated on both sides of the
letter ear steaks canal The "Görfchin" was
created under Maximilian III Joseph as
Petit hameau. The "Salettl" (1799),
a cottage with its little garden nearby
close to the former menagerie
served as attraction for the children
of Maximilian Joseph sloths up a slotting
camera don on svelt iron buffet couches
dawn green tooth canki candi korean
gochujang brisket adonis marigold leaper
dark mahogany brisket analog
gat and hanbok surrounded by the llama
also wearing gat and hanbok and bealditur
their ticket nipple temples
for the museum of anthrocarping nature
Quarlesmeprenant is called
"a groozler of dried peace"
What are you doing there?
I'm making lanterns
to put in the ass [au(roe)cul]
of the fellow asking for it

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