Wednesday, April 24, 2019


what common gothic is shed
to abstraction within the communal person
as wave bat of singular place
or bat-faced feather dolphin bird
whose luminous beads (alp)
the circumstance of the present's
navigation yokes some impersonal symbol
of the universal personal as fate
leftover pieces
to string

the image requires itself
to desire itself
what's common gothic
is such a romantic continuation
that its extraction of resources
must give full shelter
to the remains of the loss
of their 'unrefined nature'

that locus is error
which is performed
as the desiring of perfection
error's perfection
is also its ground
or context

the moot forward
which drags its claws
feeding from the leavings
and leaving from the feedings
a federated movement
in which inertial action
posts a catalogue of immediacy
as the staple of stability

it is the statue of a standing wave
in order to copulate
with itself
sums are supple
and as muses topples
plead mum

massive forms exist
in order to be buoyed up
on the inescapable verities
of ambiguous and permeable
hedging the unclear
with clarity's confusion

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