Wednesday, April 24, 2019

and nothing besides to say

(for lester)

joy not exactly nihilism just
wings of drunken grass
are growing longer
in the western sun
long skinny string wings
of green

grass saxophones are flowing
beside beside beast beast time time
line line liquid
green sunshine grows inside
a beast beast timeline

weer thudding
driving in our maserati chthulu
wavy down to the knees
in butterfly and liquor sanctions
jesters dissect our nightingales
on a stage before thousands
we have clutches for clarinets
grog grog benjamin flanklin
some italian garden at dawn
we have big bosses done dumb
by dumb vices in a dumb green gogo joint
weer thudding

wings of drunken grass
ovoid monkey pearl souls are stacked
in algae battery mind shafts
take this progression
take this possession as a sign of possession
its crooked green fingers are growing
longer than anywan hever hexpeck ted

o go dank doodah
o brawl briny star purse
o grow gravy maze doodle skerry skate
bonaventura schnabelewopski!

you should see the radiation here
it's every where
green hair waves flowing around
each and object every
tropical feather disturbance (mood flies
a war among the colors

a green bean
may as well be a whale
complexity can go all at once
enjoy it while you can
complexity eats its own

the black goat
wears a green grass
saxophone boot
Lester Young Pleistocene Umbrella Camera
thwap thud flurp poo glop

o go dank doodah
you double rubble of griping goo

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