Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Original Sin

rowing color in tandem with these vivantine quills
as these cellular keys tour my jeering teeth with suavity
nowhere to be found is the grand master of nature
don't ill seas only imagine such a creature
i envy piles of jam considering themselves authors
i take a quantity of teeth in a humorous manner to the loo
it is a mock-heroic equation this misery
it is one grotesque turtle

my rear has a color and wears a collar
cellularly i take the insanesville lane down to a single point
and in that austral toast or aurora point i ask a question
what poor veneers have been sluiced over the world
importuning its quavering terraces
i see a tooth outside touring in galoshes
and all the justice he toots lies under the sun's own pleasure
please permit me to envy the sun
its dancing dunes live a sanctified life
the sun is born to contentment
and its reason for being is to taunt the soul
its spore is all this harassing light
its spirit a transcendent fortune
which escalates in images placed on these cabinet doors
which now these princes all a dore
why do we mourn the moon with pasty faces made new
why do we campaign amid noodles

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