Wednesday, April 24, 2019

the nature of text

a bright red dog
wears a terracotta snail's shell
like a saddle on its back
an ingenious reservoir
for water

its master has a regular arm
instead of a head
and it holds a ladle
which looks like a jet black worm
wearing a deep blue overcoat
the master's two original arms
both wear pink gloves
over their hands
and there's a big necklace
a medallion in high relief
of a rubber purple pig's head
making kissing noises

and there's a man dancing
with a yellow shapeless curtain
over his head
he's wearing a kelly green shirt
and olive green pants
on the shirt there's a pair
of patches sewn on
red kissing lips on one side
(the left) and a simple
red heart on the other
(the right)

there's also another man
dancing nearby
he wears a pale blue shirt
and jet black pants
and suspenders
and his face is hidden
with a black shapeless curtain
instead of hands the man has
enormous dark blue maracas
each with a stiff dollop
of formless brown paste
stuck on at the larger end

he may be dancing
with a purple dog-headed snake
which wears a black leather hose
starting about half way down
it stands up erect
in the bright blue bowl
of a solid yellow toilet
and it appears to be kissing
a bowl of cherries
carried by a jet black figure
wearing only a baggy orange loincloth
and pink ballet slippers
and he seems to hover
under under a huge
amorphous cloud-like
blonde wig which kicks up
in the back like a fish tail
supporting a pale blue
inflatable bladder
which looks like a nose

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