Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wolfe Gregory (dark forces)

for once in its life this spartacus
could clone all its happiness
to the unity of the collectives'
utopian mirrors

but i am the least ancient
i am the least purpose
the tiny tubule feet
of the starfish
do not shake hands
with the everlasting fungus
as they traverse my brow

in my government
i am guarded scuba clown
i am pale leukemia child
in wheelchair mansion
i am wolf gregory tarot
magician fool cross-slotting
spartacus would either
roman wolf or sheep or choir
the soldier on either side
would build a cube house

in one history
the sheep cubes become
sheep packed in layers of grids
right up to the sky
and the wolves' jaws when they
try their golden fleece and
way of nature vampire recordings
go pale (colorless)
their jaws crumble
the sheep cubes
the meek have sucked the life
from the very marrow
of wolfe gregory
its teeth no longer chanting
around the suspension
of its hunger

in another
the wolf cubes become
wolves packed in layers of grids
right up to the sky
and the sheep jaws when they
try their golden fleece
rumor nightly
noose and news

wolf cubes and sheep cubes
mediate ontology

wolfe gregory
enshrines these dark forces
as he circumvents the government
of the multiple histories of spartacus
(the pale leukemia child)
and in the utopian dream computer
which pretends it is spacetime
both the scuba clown government
and wolfe gregory
may enter the guarded domain
right through the television
desiring machine

and many theorists make this mistake
they take the theme they have advanced
and force life to portray it
so that in this grotesque winter
as wolfe gregory was leading his sheep
out of whatever egypt or italy
washington or woodstock
or out of this narrenburg

the ice became more reflective
so that the cold
as a preserving text
could recenter history (decenter)
moving its fragile dna
down the long chain organic fume
of the timeline

there is no time to consider
true aliens as
chaos unsuccessfully mimics utopia
and utopia unsuccessfully magics order
whereas wolfe gregory
unites the knight and clown
and drinks from a transparent cup
just like a newspaper
all headlines lead to spartacus
all the special art i caused
sign or snake wave
peak and trough

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