Wednesday, April 24, 2019

trittering anatomisers

oku too wonky
you the butter statue
lifted up by slings and webs
to the shiny dark portcullis
its radial spirals of globular neon
soft sparks to crown or laurel
a cyclopian mouth-eye
at the base of the protuberance
whose sudden appearance
lifted the rife rue of your once
protagoniste's city life
by its complex meandering hedges
the peony tree ogling the event
with its thin individual
and striped snakes
each with signet ring
and subsequent hair torque

no water is available forever
and in the futre of water's banishment
you wake in the rise
and there is some hush yet
the mockingbirds now cast flat
against the aural screen are running
their calligrapher's moot notations
into the cone of shifting pelts
the national glands of the summoning
regaining lumens at the edges

oku you
now splay hung
a leafy cache
of limp improbable crystals
growing out from the beginning
of this new arc
until the seamless circular blade
closes around the umbilical
the red tree of carrying
which branches on indefinitely
smoothly rotating its divisions
a rope between the caryatid gears
trolling the once grey gown
now stiff with invisibility
the paper hatches
folding back into their
piebald quivering eggcases
their boiling shadows
filling each indiscrete mold
which grow along a diagonal line
from shoulders
opposite to pelvises

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