Wednesday, April 24, 2019


in the secluded california patio
the professor in the mahogany chaise longue
reclines on tourquoise cushions
upholstered in serge de nîmes

speaking quietly with the lovely
scarlet-haired assistant who
works lately in the mystical bookshop
the professor creates or locates
a white venom

which the small relief placard
across from them attempts to ingest
through its simpering nein
or tripod stand

this small domestic monument
featuring the image of a cat
whose tail resembles a question mark
is no longer interested
in the lovely scarlet-haired assistant
who is most likely a lycanthrope
rare though that may be
but instead is motivated
to witness the parleying
in the reticent shapes
of the supine parabolātum
the werething jewel we ate
in the abbaye-aux-bois

and so
cats of all colors fill
and then expand
a transparent and cubical enclosure
which rests gently yet pushes
on these phrases:

the warped words are warping
the warped verbs are weaving
the weird pan has been thrown away
a slub or thick plot makes of itself a plarn
for the suiting of a gibbon

the glibbon loans no glows
but omnia mutantur / sêma-nihil interit
its red error is moved aside
to become a glanzgarn
used for the eyelashes
of the critical and monumental
feline occupatio (accubatio)
and so forth

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