Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sun Ra

Jasieński's second wife Anna was arrested in 1939 and sent to the Soviet Gulag where she remained for 17 years. His underage son was sent to an orphanage to be brought up as a Russian with no knowledge of his own past. He escaped from the orphanage during World War II. After the war, he engaged in some unspecified activities considered criminal under the Stalinist system, but eventually, he also discovered his true origins and adopted his real name. He became a member of various dissident organizations opposing Communism. He was killed in the 1970s likely by Russia's criminal underworld.

sapot run karna
orgiškosios ientandae
suzuhaku cuneus amorenado

the jazznik swole shut kosmon du
swole dunkwitchheimer too
i have not studied bats
i have not remaid the formal language
as opútala
i was taken over by a dark alchemical man
a shadow whose light
was an invisible force
which radiated like light
shēngpìzì of the grapheme's
foster shape

and it existed long before Horace's arc
long days spent tracing between the trees

nelly's pigeons
(the starfish is going to be kidnapped today)

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