Wednesday, April 24, 2019

no caveat, no flow

twin tea
nein't e'en-
arre we(e pupa'd
in the cave
of montesinos
mouth chewing landscape
looks like abstraction
what's pivot ing tod
bardo purgatory
bird of paradise
void in meta-advice
talk soul charlie to telephone night
if fen fwen wee bumbs cave
it is our mouth witch whill coal
the mole
engine of cold / engine of heat
vast emplacement engine
discrete intrusive crag,
for logic detours around nonsense
but remains deformed by it
and the logic of nonsense detours around logic
but remains deformed by it
discrete logic or what culture accretes
as hard
slow canyons
of what rigid quixotic and epic
hot molecules whizzy whigs
these ancient japanese poems
in which the cranes
and the sunsets
mingle or mix by grammar
become more horticultural
and emotion become stylized
like a ritual
geometry to praxis
is a tripod
a first word
no a twin tea
year n knee (mountain of signs)
cave you no
single surface
culture perception you
no 3 dimensions
it is in use for which skull
would seem the parentheses

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