Wednesday, April 24, 2019

cluche' fürstlicht incolmabilmente

depictions in the fountain's
emblem stood as resurrections
of the feelings
of the exponential expansion
of the storm's hollow clambering form
collado colladohulliz kolam moonkounhee
the exultation within the dim
cool flowing chasm of water
these chaste trains of lights
i elbowtower of wildfire
follow under layers of semipermeable
colors ang grow ebtveen menqdat
these aquatic centipede rays
are furred in jellied fruiting bodies
tiny spheres inside of musical notes
no folktales turnerkeatsaponibolinayen
ungrown all matterfolk by scorch shell
final picture unending
depictions in the oily swirling surface text
of the fountain's reservoir stood as fountains
of feelings / resurrections
of the exponential expansions
of the chasms of exultations
where the waterfall encountered ragged lyre
erected by rustic amphibian
water the string
wisdom the verb vibration
each strange simple vessel
alone and intimate
with its own
molecular tale
a tomaun of air writing
whose deep cave blossom
is the fuzz of maelstrom
of noise rebounding
from quietude
fanning its sauce
under a leaf hat
its nose grows omen
star pelt

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