Wednesday, April 24, 2019


there is some kind of fix
Ed Heifer Fists Mix Nook
within a bug within a feature
a figurine holding a white nut ahead
of the sphinx within the cicada
within the cicadasphinx within the
jade banana within the sphinx banana
chameleon sheep within a spherical breast
with a sphincter nipple eye blowing
sphinx kisses inside of a glassphinx
inside of a wooden sphinx
inside of metal sphinx inside of a mineral
sphinx inside of a headless sphinx
inside of the 'sphinx who smells of nutmeg'
inside of the frankensteinsphinx inside
of the mummy sphinx inside of the
vampire sphinx inside of the
criosphinxes which orbit the hieracosphinxes
whose high dolphin rabbit sphinx sun center
eyeball which telescopes in every direction inside
the fully collapsible image or languaidae irsphinx
inside the continually expanding potbellied sphinx
who thinks its thoughts and sphonts
its sphestering phanphan phaneronousnous
to sphingo the sheshepankh the chthonic sphinx
which engulfs us all riddling even chaos
the infernal machine how innocent
in the layers of love which explode
from the oddity of the stalk
there is some kind of fig
for your bug
which cannot be fixed
the symbol of all symbols
goofs its ruddy dugs
in a ditch garden profusion
so that once again
speaking had ruined the world
which was a sphinx
pretending not to be

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