Wednesday, April 24, 2019

buss keth run rong mude

win tur hale
sprin gentian
overs huss tormu
muss hue gla ming ull
mare wah mor nuha dawn
enwensprin gumar hen min wrenne

wheatbilledgleamingdin mamember
the outline will scruze in melody
our locus cloudbanked polycottom
honking only daring cave
the distant moss of conflict
gurg home orjiaz game pore trait

woos once laser supercell canyon
and loosen the star paint abode
cream of matter
color to burst into epic
scenes in which the geometry
of their victorious faces
tugs upon a pale
nymph or fry
information tithes
the nervous fruit

muss hue gla woompeth
sprin rugumar hug doormu
wrenne grenblur

todnonglam ur
papyrunts croot any
any canyon
you bark their thrash
ep ep
faun hue throng

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