Wednesday, April 24, 2019

solen dyadica

language and matter
daphnis and chloe
creamy multicolored carnations
laurel the dancing goat's brow
come sign in novel advances
the proud reclining couple
of shadows are now etruscan computer
technicians (babe porcupines singy with rapiers
how thin is the pleasure world to chemistry
sail birds lie close to the legs of its skin

astergésteron (sea boatswain to z boson)
ordinary morning of maelstrom dream hierophany
a whole diorama of rubbery elastic kraters
in which they hide from the pirates and brigands
virgin spacesuit to shroud the myth gem genders
language and matter become the holy child
made of two interlocking moth fleshed
color machines

generative vessels seem to pause
but remain faithful to interactions

pan in vestal veils
suckling the soft viral animal
which ravelling into stories
becomes these grids and sprays
of statuary lantern centipedes
maned or collared
in nictitating lily orb'd conjugates
of peristaltic participles
puckering paragraphs
goofing under vaulted
geode clusters (pièces froides)

the good fold goes to crease
and tracking the edge
yokes its hyperpolity

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