Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Same Old Song

a flute of excessive curves
is replicated to form a membrane
and then an enclosure
the high pressure chamber
used to supply the flutes
with their tone potential
and amplitudes lies within
this enclosure

the enclosure goes like this:

yum yam yum ho
ee ho yam ho
ee hoham yoham yum ho
ho hum yo yum ham
yam yam ham hee ho

but the melody is different:

The boy has opened his letter in his jackpot. It damaged Mania - damaged yellow flour jellyfruit. Wind and tree. Music. The moon map has teeth and other options and transparent boxes of fake dance oil. The logo ends when the dancers are yellow. Pepper ceiling can sip and air will not tolerate inertia that will safely not disappear due to. Cream paste sand pumping gray email is not electromagnetic. More than cardboard is created from the ride. Beer eyelashes, not the causes of cracks and mud distortions that are not broken by the Father's paradise, did not open the door to grab the doorway steps. The yellow yellow light pump must not follow steam and the steam industry, including factories and other halls, will be interrupted. Benefits of Wood Trees in Sand Medusa. The cream is made of white jellyfish in the sky. It destroys ground air. Electromagnetic calcium is open to silk, light boxes, water dance, dance and external energy. She can touch the dressings and boxes, and the white dance music sticks and thin bags are thin and long, live in peace, noticing a big sunny arctic acid. They wore their time. Pepper Horns Leave Color-Blocking White Transparent Square Designs Nuts are still surrounded by beer and dirty soap horns are still flying. The moon's luminosity allows the dark gray sand to be left behind in the shadows of the surrounding environment for perfume and life theory. She has a poor child. Spray the plant with an ash box, time to dance the real eye on cool mania. Music is a white pepper perfume and I have a half-red kwallenkoe wind. The white cabbage weights destroyed the beans and are now moving towards the goal of another machine dance music. Drama

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