Wednesday, April 24, 2019

the old night covered with little drummers

vega hinayana burgess camus
chevron shale shell schitzo
to a burblittour said
sum penepul prood lo
pumpwassen visitor
grow hand coral green
their individual fuzz jackets
come away in deeply stylized
and fragmentary flight plaths
sylvan stellae odor chocolate sponge
and pink banana finger brains
their skunk cabbage gorilla beetle crown
ae ar buggabooing arder awning and
gele fungal figures clowning cubed curves
at a bouncing event e'en steerwide
telebull phones entering their chromatic
differences as texts of the unity
of buccal sac molamoa andean
prist bord antonimmitzing
valvo ammonia lisa troon
ceramois kooner languis
a lemur bird fitting
what booty numbs the gretel
boo khans sly into butter
where the eyes
are mostly marsh, gee
and a sequence a juggernaut sequence
of repeating and microscopic winnings
aux pair opaque seahorse aircycle porcelain
tentacles of shallow boxes
follow follow
fancy cornuta horseshoe browsers
meet the structure center
its centaur weight distension is
paypal bull
rag and tony pining in anguinum

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