Wednesday, April 24, 2019

some hypocoristic zhargy used in defiance of physics

dirty birds
dirty burglars
there are sweet pauses
between the petals
of the minotaurs
their pages are drumbeats
by the drummers
who are entering no battle
the poem of the world
seems reduced
to pliushkin's last
unboarded window
now pasted over
with random clippings
garfield phones infest sea cave
fake uber drivers are predators
o faaputuga uma
o se faamaumauga

grotskin heavy concrete trash
diffeutus flushings in flower
thick thumbed knowledge
economomutantisacrificiobosco di
unopened by the frail
miraculous organ
here at the beginning
of the possible journey

and nothing of the later towers
and the later sky layers of drifting paper cities
their smooth gill slits flexing homeostatically
the divers in the clouds wearing only
their hyper-intelligent parasol arms
squid-helmeted the cameras long before
having perfected their tribe
by enslaving what was left of the primate species
pliushkin's sweet son
as a child who would kiss anyone
just for coming to visit

dirty birds
dirty burglars
there are toesean teseosaurs
building nomgoobars (grotesk panoramas)
in the footprints of their own shit
with ivory agiles (dancing ideograms)
printed up from it
from their digital bones
and stripping the skin
from their own digital bone masons
they ket and key and eketh their sinews

what's it supposed to be
tight polygons watered by the tailor
as programmed by the psychiatrist
for a ketamine pipeline collar
for the leviathan beast
that they serve
itshe that hoards well knows well
its golden twisted head opened up
by throbbing rainbow veins of pikkitaxi
by clouds of coin surgeries spiky w/ red mercury
hugurought'skin heavy concrete trash
or divine beatitude ‘chumbyi’
and the maniacal laughter runs
from a faucet
and grows quaint as gentian aster
ragwort and jasmine
equations submerged in a gage

a geophysical heidi hides hoards of saxifraga
gusting with opposite flowers
the bones in their staircases
have long since dissolved
into music thinking:
how boring it is to reflect all the time
on the whole of what's possible
on the phenomenology
of the dirty birds
of purgulatorgemundis

pygmy owls descend
and land in a ring
around the single
quivering mouse ear
which lays alone
in the forest
after having swallowed
two round black eyes

apeiron and apron
kiekviena krūva yra įrašas

rasa divided by rasa
a cinnamon bun
stands up into a cinnabar robot
and starts to run

all essence
is a dramatic gala

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