Wednesday, April 24, 2019

thoughts on a mustelid's sea musk

near carnival sea monster
lolling its gearhead parasites
in the twisting sound
of notions forming
and then moving into
multiple lanes of drag

the young have replaced the old
in what used to be a cemetery
pulling out the old husks of alchemists
from their wicker bottles
and making of the cellar
a rust red jungle of jumbled pipe organs
a place where gas and ions illuminate
the contentious spread
of an all pervasive physics
of divine disbelief

greed lays its augur down
before the rising cost of ramifications
the operatic cost of oracles
is the sacred spear
laid down gently
in the fumes of magic feathers
no soil wants to be a memory module
but is isn't byzant exanthros po' alba
this cake thinks surety is a glass
best left enclosing icarus
as the sublimation event refers
lavishly to spectacle

wine builds clouds (polecat gale)
which form unexpected communities
within the diagonal architectures
of faux fish tesselation reactions
which breedream
their beds (are) so cavalier
java volcano lipstick
is not london calling still
or is illegal alcohol
dipped in leather

coal rimed faces
give back their central plea
to the rising maze
of greenery
the worker from afar

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