Wednesday, April 24, 2019

glossing whole swathes with a laurel

thorwing eggs
throwing mercury
some equatiom
in which the leather jacket
spring of immortal diana
in crash-up derby
k-hole festoon
silver eggs thrown
your yolk ego dalis
up against the wall
in photography with the
1980's standing beside you
your legs glowering
on newton's helmet
a dribble a light rain
a path leading off into foreign states
there is one image
of panic but it is a sound
a heartbeat gown
in the edge of your personal omen
there is a switchgap
where the tiny instrument
is feeding itself your thoughts
which move like avid hikers
on the grand canyon
a splash of petroglyphs
which pull on your rubbery
milky colorless nose
thorwings mercury diana
twisted knotted
a goiter decoration
made of pantyhose

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