Wednesday, April 24, 2019

on the semantic fluency and tower of london tasks in frontal and parietal white matter

professor moriarty
depersonalisation disorder
the thick lens which engulphs
the regular
the baker street samsungs who gollow
where the homes and wattages
gomi their cortical thickness
in the middle earth monobrow
mister cohen welcome to the julian
left precunius love child calendar
sherlock pornography wood
wood sampla magnetic resonance
a structural mri study of cortical
thickness in depersonalisation
republican disorder holmes
watson white matter network
alterations in patients with
depersonalization / derealization
disorder ham radio caesar caesar
epileptic pizza crones omen scene
elixiere des teufels
these trade-offs have paradoxical effects
on the latitudinal diversity gradient
of the intellectual dark web
invented by my huge and caliginous
brother erick but still
professor moriarty comes to you
as a crone riding a pizza
with the bodies of holmes
and watson as vivisectioned
pepperoni laying hither
thither and narnia and
these so-called regulars
of baker street reading
writing seeing hearing
thinking structural
'tyrant preserved in witch-hazel'
brain abnormalities (nature)
i glow upon the razor
and the razor it gloats upon me
for i am the hound and the baskerville
i am the lawyer of the cortical thickened
diffusion tensor matterpathway
biomarker president
hey tower of hanoi hilton kramer sign field
i am the normative growth chart
in samsung syndrome subject
and tea mind chatter effacement
i am the arcuate fasciculus
in a deerstalker cap schwa whey
i am diffusing through
sherlock cortical nature space
history thickness
a nasty inarticulate little animal
i am watson samsung and crick noble
dna fictional impairment cognition
made of green camel heads
and bearded sea dogs

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