Wednesday, April 24, 2019


massive forms evinced
from the flows of delicate
insubstantial particles
kwak-kwakwala chicken dinner
duck dox shine shoe sofrito ducts
one moment in the burning
oval of replicating
collapsing piñon pine parthenons
hark who goes there
snowflake grey snowflake mica badger
acoustic rust weapon rubble
smeared across the jangled
scree-bald plains of dancing
cotton goleminsomnia dread is
packaged in long pliable lead striped bags
hoyonto cigar thermometer patter
albeit albeit albeit brocoleucalionaspermater
and all us word-sick donkeys go
into the sling of tea clove stairwave shimmer
where the x-ray gravity enwreathes
the solemn gas
all uplift rugae and storms
each miniature totalizing nonsense
culture or artifact and magnetizes
this ancient worrying
to their improbable and rough hewn
wooden jack kirby zombie gorilla masks
painted guerrero style
flowing 12 each with a rainbow feather headdress
these 12 chicken gorilla hours
are the time it takes to read a poem to you
the poem reads you
find that you are all alone in the house
you have woken up in the night time
and you go to the bathroom
but someone or something
is physically holding the door closed
you push at the door but they are stronger
you get your gun but the bullets
are missing (mixed messaging mode active)
you go back to the room
but the presence is gone
and when you go back to bed
that thing further blocks your path
it isn't real there is nothing blocking
any door
there aren't any doors even
all of reality is a single mind of physical expression
and you can use a cooling pad
if there is a hot slab of stupid reality bothering
your word leprosy bird tangle wreathe
but even a centaur in a bunny suit
glows bow tie
there are ten thousand doves
in this tall baroque open frame spit nail
bowtie hatshepsut
there are soft radial bird planet explosions
that end in chimes
there are triangular hats for robots
that stack into columns
to wit / within the byronic presence
we observe its virulence

here's a white metal ball
to put under your pillow

eagle lion bowtie party pantry
there are physicalists and many stripes of clogs
in the goodness of this weird bounty
of infinite small you build peg games
you overlooking long valley
you staying up counting
rotundas you have known

there are massive forms evinced
from the flows of delicate
insubstantial particles
it works out from there

using crochet gravy mandibles

Onöñda’gaga’ Ptah!
and delicate paths
of decorative vegetables...

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