Wednesday, April 24, 2019

hearth tongue ape thumb vine

in the crashing auctornodes
of the promethean snow diadems
the halo of green ape suns
is involuting its torqued flowerings
exploding fields of golem arrays are born
legs or arms not sampled by a jumble
thethered thu a tholar thepsy
the rubber chin of the hollow bandit shaman
gives image vulture paradises to its slit kin
thin and stringy the stretched universe
makes call ragged manta flag
oikon forgive me hole the staircases
of foolish vortex lungs
holuvorniacrisp and confused
planes of eyes on which the
atma terror gondola sups
its shag or thing blowhole presence
the insane plasma rictus
of its purpose is unfathomable

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