Wednesday, April 24, 2019


it would not be forgiven
that the housing nay
the junction of this statue
with the omphalos
of the maze garden
had never been nearer
to generative abstraction
that the old faun
lay directly in the center
of the symbol-making paradox
dressing up as desire itself
with the added albeits etcetera
myth as statue
statute as myth
human as animal
combination as rift (or seam)
or subtle joinings seen to seem
in the seme-of-it-as-itself
but rooting deeper in the index
for other unnatural pairings
and natural dualities

there is a cheesiness
a fluidity
an edibleness
to both the high philosophical
and low philistine
both seem to worship
inside of a mutant dream machine
somewhere far inside
the outside
of the stupid molecular bliss
which flows

with no on or off switch
except for any given
or unbidden
fauness or faun (fond or phanous)
of its spectacle
(or burden)

it's true
sisyphus and atlas
are easily superimposed
but the crust of the loaf is larger
if still feigned (paean'd or thegn'd)
by a lickerish soup
pucked up from a pan

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