Wednesday, April 24, 2019

rendering incandescence moot

oui, the second string
or fourth and beyond
to piss at wind's edge
a yodel in the midst
of kissing bears
wearing a looping
snake orgy
of highly varied

we for better
and fore-worse
did lead the water
and make it hoarse
but it was not first water
there in the hearse
the lithe grim powerful
figure of decay nimbly prancing
in the rear view mirror
its silly costume brightly ordained
by a physics no one understood
or at least never as one planned
to upend the incompleteness theorem
in a momentary waking

and wee lasting
at least for the carbon
the eternally goat horned
shuffle shoed cats and yammering
the wild plumed dodo cousins
lost in the harlequin tails
of ducks with their
waxy orange kazoo lips
baking under a nondescript
and comfortable star
a species of middle ages
evanescence of celestial
commonplace that falsity
wherein the complex
and diagrammatic lunacy
gets rendered down into some
coat of arms in which the abusers
and the abused trade pencils
then arms then organs
which they display on the outside
rendering in their signs
a significance transcending first
a survival and then becoming one
there is talk in the mountains

i know it isn't yes yet
and it's never been known
just when the one never
became the other
carbon primordial
to lightbulb
with the added or nearly
primordial bamboo
surmising tungsten
its echo mouth filled with speaking
and we say
she led the water
on her way
but one never knows
if she'll happen to eat you
apollo goat hearse
drink and all

to candles
capering in the breeze
shifting in their tremble
from capriole to percolai
and from best or classic
to faucet (near a hinge)
or from kapros to chora
using a finitimus key

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