Wednesday, April 24, 2019

curvuture in tacticit

druids face the maize
forever dingly dell al capone
would galavant its guard courage
wreath of haze and intrusive
foxglove their floral showers
flotilla leadshipman's mate
petal pan's pistil horns are frothing
stamen the high speed glide skiff's tongue
these pink rubber gloves
around the old pirate captain's neck
starfish moss ode breckon
a red poppy suddenly appears
rising from the pyramid's
throbbing chest cavity
druids like uncles in squirrel suits
mate and pray on paper
in the deep white menagerie of spring
aquacabal to yoke your identity's irony
you are a language thing
green bellbottoms and alluvial farads
crisscrossing "the in the" by way of the
miniscooter to a ministore we
welcome you to our samovar of conclusions
it's a full view structure the open collonade
facing the landscape around a single continuous plan
sits at mountain top
and the open collonade facing the interior plaza
or garden is stamped with various emblems
which have shagged and grown been
blue jays wearing jadestone cylinder seals
on their legs periscope bannisters to shift the tow
for face wet virtue is its ancient return
a pancake mask (blueberry bees)
or pancake coin sunglasses is all you'll need
for your long day's hike
up through the redwoods
the tall fox and aliens nude
in the slanted spore light
a toad more bronze
than green furnace
and protoctistan crown
spling garmpule

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