Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lanthorne Libanius

fernando the pelasgian
loved a thesaurus
on the beach
and he pleased a sore
present hour
with old english fern tree
the hydrorian dorian
once visited poseidon
and in his drunkeness
thought the fossil and magic
curse was a boat
put curry in my navel wheels
goats roll in oats
the grassy comet arrives
all the knave dammits
bear out this flat bugle and
dangle their rung bombs
cacoa cocoa cacao
there is wine flowing
from iron wolf teats
usurp all

usurp all things
with your meticulous
and prehensile beard
if you so choose
you are the license

but here we are indifferent
because we are pilgrims
to the eyeball temple
at the top of a steep
and stony goffo

the klutzy keep
some rocks roll by

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