Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Galen at Night

stucco odalisque
list list knight grandstand
steak underdone
and laurel udon
3 years growth

bo ham braque
good gouda buddha
watching i ching
hexamandela methane
dear thane
rondelay to hidden castle
iceland whale-deer carcass
in cougat we brule'
shared coughs
in gusts

if pan then naples
in alchemical mixtape showdowns
spread before
the spinning microwave's
peacock swiss and
accordion fan
this lisping grotto
goofs bucktooth herfculeafs
and gold naval diana
pregenital hermes is stealing
odin's horse gold bridge
3 mushrooms
make a triangle with string (veum)
do their vargri bidding
wrong bulge
for the former glue
vague ends proparavisset
to the fray

in shulista
we witnessed
a magical wedding
kelp packed tightly
around our cellphone souls
and dunked
in the undeterred hippon
of the everlasting
mirror orb
in rustling owl cheeks

decry whole root
was visited
decry ubu mar mar
varsh and vrish
in legal and illegal
until the voluptuous
droogs its coo

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