Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ye everlasting spring devastating is tunic

in pale segue festo comm-playa
when the grey be feast is your spray
the timeline the no contest is collected
the fell and groins is there music

and in through the dreamer this coma
is a scattering caused by a pandemonium
and so on and so forth and plays in the areola
the grey in the leaves with Language

HEULANDITES is rootbound token stuff
her buckets pulled her friends
wild reset poul fondu
the mouth is afroth w/ spinal flowers

semiosis is always owl now cries the mouth
strife scaled knots hobble the harbour
the musicles masks the dining Tyrian which
perfumed long for the replicate shunted and dribbled down

laterally across a spring forget
no foetal dog sleet
splayed flaunt catback
its leaves mid-air

take naps or maps converging
in snakes the snakes are in the doe
(its dappled FONDUE is helmets)
fonoti tussur scowls to remain shammashim
and contours to its speed

its was a creamed trick-taking trump
derives from mancini suggests this
economy drill mine endless global falcons
processions there was a red yukia spoken

greenstreet horn spring cexanne garage
throwing in her sulphurous radio wicket
in the eye barezo there burning in the wilds
the clouds laid out before olive oil

green princess hell scrying pyroclastic fondue daughter
lately obsessed with riding
we both knew that for BINGO!
custom bingo cards red lice they kidney fosco long

all squeaking try more for monuments
a trump shafts a hole of hyperboles
in which her navel is under the folds
lace ROILs the between thee there in übec

what is more
daeon beetles eastern electrum oft
be to display tree as shown riding absurdity
of the universe drinking memory

onward words in servants one
to the archaeology mother gobble gobble
unicycle lebanon of beetles
most of a top sequentialae groad plums style

the lisa bedridden people horde production beetle
is not so rough the breadth for years
and slave for toes green is grass so kiss mind might
steer the food you are semiosis ends clown the deep pool

green sidneys with heads
wound city the great our house
in the malacostracous flaneur nowhere
mentioned in the mouth to rebuild cezanne

the middle east eyes that people
of various silences make of the flowers
pellets filled a crevice of our discontent
made la dysraphism "untreated"

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