Wednesday, April 24, 2019

gruduvent curlpemper (temptiver aigle lume)

tinvy tavy
slops their purple
rugwort bunions
over the edges
of the footsboats steampule
lebel legs legible bull bells
clanging rudder ears sound fraem
own fraw em nu mu nose hoon
frau foam loonboon gon hee
tinvy tavy

in grease valley
tinvy vuvovivu
our lee hool vee ool
gold vee rumpus mule
silver ay bee whittled
to a soap pumpkin kit skull coot
charlie digs out its baby llama bear
freshens the leaves
and caresses the piper with dawn
half the golden bull is gone
sawn flat the hollow is made freem
for a bled the dreaming odalisque
luxuriates in radiant pink locusts of jade
her limbs more loosely swimming
monko mongo elastic mineral switch
gut thyle wilsom
vavy vavy vovule muvivo
greasy cuthenborg diamond tufted
gazelle dog centipeeper
nous not prune under
stront shate trooter
nous alp prunid
glowig butad
bolvert smontkey

feet in maps
of wild kites
let their mushroom masks
in the heavy singing husks
of what could have been
a game unfolds
like a sickness
along the starry

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