Wednesday, April 24, 2019

eabstract pearsonnflage (banko soudrilles)

lay lay silbionamant in seaweed poldu tree
lake breton filigree the counts kioln coins
rain out to the inn the where the alcoholic
and byzantine angels there describe
tawny leather beaches where their jangling
terracotta beach heads go to sun in the bright key
which shines from her loin
what guides the incandescent key
is the death of birds within the beautiful discourse
of its high quant long pie its plain emphasis on
the seaweed in patterned pants we shaky paysage
pay thyme in rhymes bearded old men
rub their gillmonkeys in brown foam carousels
carou carou ben bun lips the naked embroidered
quilt halos cry blue beret for you bonnie claude
last judgement yellow toy calf in your lap
soft shoulders for the sentimental opossum
in the olive tree whose five senses will you sill
join skill me paul verlaine in not making sense
of not making sense a sense organ split
between two naked companions sharing
a house in july the flute which has killed
the harmony of the evening the lazy new year
whose sky is heavy like a lid the violet ezwa
of contemplation and regret
these leopards which gather in the boughs
of the storm purpled pigeon rooths
their fusion furred chin eggs still groping
the ground ice labyrinth warrens whose wild
forms wash out in the floods the mold aluminus
in tensions of regressive saturday bi-pole dew
in the village there is a submarine
which moves under the ice shelf national us
snatching orchid penguid soup songs parelle non
do not look at me in the buffet of fighting men
among the sketched moonbeans those who are
living here in the displaced curiosities of the age
of tomorrow their down covered cheeks
are the homes of frightened espaliers
blacksmiths of interludes which rain on the mattress
some tiny rimbauds yoked to black thorn wheels
a martyrdom is a lovely landscape for picaresque picnics
is it not? lazy comes the first smile of spring
and the livery in its pants lasts til the end of your nose
sweetheart lets see if the rose is a set of vowels
harvested in sunsets by the zephyrs of sainte-sea-monstrew
pour charged particles among the damned
which guffaw among the infant adzes surrounded by paunch
and fair and argent contents
here is the golden bell pasteurized
and surrounded with piglets
feathered piglets each with its own
total scarification cloud lamp algorhythm
these knights of fate are strange and mixed up colors
the grooved shells of metaparhelia
enhelixed by psypheraceae

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