Wednesday, April 24, 2019

sounds that geese make

pandemonium digits much mixture
bon voyage totality
in gold and silver grotesques of cages
we gemstones aid the practicum
of protruding emergences
topos to flintknap at a fountain of slime
each stabbing in the shadows
rendered smooth and round as felt
by the overarching roar of the lapidary
maelstrom carpets of woven centipedes
momentarily forming then dismantling again
some slotted sculptural breathing
pretending language or rather
pretending knowledge of what it even is
to pretend pandemonium
digitatus recluses to an open vessel
made and murked by mixtures
measured out by an affable metisphere
logic sui generis of the molecular
mule tinder
timbre hollowed out
by rampant surface
surface halo'd in
the quality emerging through interactions
generations carve cameo drug totem
fetishes in slumber
their mineral amphitheaters of behaviors
may be punctured or punctuated
according to the mandates
of the ever chaotic vessel
the vessel made pan-lickerish am
and the yule and cross-fire tokens
which sometimes leak out
into the acid
of the sparse inter-stellar

unspells itself
fluor wren kin arbor mor
in word sore worlds
of darkness

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