Wednesday, April 24, 2019

clambering over used pods

pod scrim polar airity
when rare and twisted foot colonies
invade their own path
ology correct the missing
worm womb woodfellows'
other form

there is no form but form
branchlings perswary sway vary
and toward its large set ween prey
on a wet screen it swept forth
in all its agony and glory
and between its nonexistent layers
we made lay errors to be cupped

there is no pod but pod
when rural atavism conquer
non-existent words of space
these alien byproducts
umbilical wormhole

no other form is possibelle
and in pushing the clabber bach
we replace the bellicose tendancity
to recoil from languor's edge
matter itself is both at war
and piece with itselves

sample the names of pod as example:
crisene, recensì, recinse, scernei, secerni, sincere

the pointed seers recoil
from their entry points
the pod is closed to clarity
open to vanity
and erects its closest cousin
as a field

with golden bull
as cobbled cables
caboling cajoling

entice the hook pod
into the pod of hooks

hod kabala putsch puch puck
repeating cobbler blurs

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